The Players

bramBram Moreinis, Principal has been making websites and managing IT projects since 1994 as a school teacher, curriculum developer, and manager of information systems. His educational background includes masters degrees in teaching and educational administration, plus courses in computer and system science.

Bram brings the creativity and educational focus of his school career to marketing design. Every marketing plan is, after all, a curriculum of study topics and a lesson plan of teaching techniques, is it not? 

Bram founded Beyond the Box Web Design (Game Face's precursor) with a­ handful of high school students called "Tech Scouts,"  a proof-of-concept program for school-business partnerships and the "in-sourcing" of teen labor. Game Face has adult staff now, but works to develop new Tech Scouts as interns.  Tech scouts also provide training services to clients.

paulPaul Solomo­n, Themer offers an unusually keen eye and diverse background to the Game Face team. With experience in top management positions in retailing a­nd manufacturing; a fine arts education, and an extensive knowledge of website development, Paul brings a sixth sense to the art of anticipating the needs of both website visitors and owners. Paul is also a crackerjack Drupal Themer and CSS coder.

Whether he is performing a redesign critique and competitive analysis service as part of a proposal, or serving as an extra pair of eyes from the next cubicle, Paul provides spot-on quick evaluations and fine-detail examinations of the visuals, messages, navigation, coding and overall integrity of every new Game Face site.­

margaretMargaret Ryon, Graphic Designer used to lead Harte-Hanks Interactive's creative department in Lake Katrine, which is pretty high on the food chain, but pharmaceutical marketing got old, so she packed up her BFA diploma from Pratt, her master's in communications diploma from NYIT, and quit the graphic design world and opened a café in Rosendale. Ulster County is an amazing place --- who would expect a café owner to also be the world-renowned illustrator of "Tumors of the Endocrine Pancreas"?

Now Margaret's back as a full-time graphic designer, and this time, it's personal!

susanSusan Spiegel, Branding Consultant helps clients "put their game face on" by developing and clarifying their brand vision. Susan co-created BrandVisioning at the crossroads of her two streams of expertise: hypnotherapy and advertising. As a Certified Hypnotist with over 12 years investigating the root causes of behavior, Susan works directly on human motivations, team building, and consumer behavior through hypnosis focus groups.

In 20 years in advertising and marketing, Susan created and directed campaigns that sprang from her deep understanding of what consumers want. Her work for clients like Proctor and Gamble, 3M and General Mills earned #1 positions for brands like Folgers Coffee, Jif Peanut Butter, Downy Fabric Softener, and Post-Its. When you hear "The Best Part of Waking up is Folger's in Your Cup," think Susan.


Benjamin Kudria, ex-Tech Scout, was born in Moscow in 1988, and started his own company as a high school senior, inspired by his experience as a Tech Scout to follow his entrepreneurial muse. His company, Blue Box Technical Solutions, partnered with IBM to help cure cancer worldwide through grid computing. Meanwhile, he co-founded Beyond the Box Web Design, providing Linux hosting and PHP coding for clients.­

While completing his freshman year as an honors computer science student at Stony Brook University, Ben grew adroit with Drupal and Ruby, and now strives to master Rails and FreeBSD to build a rock-solid foundation as a managed hosting provider for Game Face accounts and other clients. Ben has contributed custom code for,,, and, to name a few. In between all Ben's projects, he still finds time to play hide-and-seek with his ferret, Nancy. [Blog].

FrankFrank Carey, Coder returned from driving Humvees in Iraq to climb cliffs in the Shawangunks and code Drupal modules. He escaped without PTSD, but thrives living life on the edge, whether navigating a 600-foot drop-off, raising a 3 year old, or hot-wiring a MySQL interface.

Frank cut his Drupal teeth creating the SUNY/New Paltz Student Association singlehandedly, but appreciates being part of a high-performance team at Game Face and leading the nascent New Paltz Drupal Users Group. He is completing a degree in Biology and Computer Science in his spare time.