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Marketing Golf:

Marketing Golf: Fits Websites to a Tee

It's a scene from a movie: the big deal is done on the golf course. Nine holes and a handshake.

Think of marketing as your front nine. You evaluate each hole in advance; you play one stroke at a time; you select your next club based on where the ball landed last time. You constantly adjust. (And, of course, you keep your game face on.)

Web Design Baseball

Web Design: a Team Sport

Some people think of a web design as a one-time thing: you tell the designer what you want, they build it, that's that!

If that's what your last designer did, you got robbed.

At Game Face Web Design, we don't sell you a uniform and gear --- and then send you onto the field on your own. To get an idea of what designing (or re-designing) a website with Game Face would be like, look at this baseball diamond:

Web Warning Signs


Got a Game Face? Or a Lame Face?

Your website is your game face. It needs to show attitude and focus. Does your site say, "We strive for excellence!" or "Someone told me I needed a website, so here it is"?

Know Your Game

Your Website = Your Game Face

  • In sports, your game face says you're a pro, ready for action.
  • If your web site is like your game face, it also conveys your focus and professionalism.
  • Up close, game faces can't be faked. You can look in someone's eyes and tell if they're on the level.
  • Through your website, they can tell the same about you.  Take your customers seriously! 

Think about it:

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